Afterfall API

OpenAPI for Afterfall

We take security pretty important around here and are testing all public releases with Snyk, written mocha tests and intense testing to make sure everything is secure and working. But if you still find something, please contact us on:

We love community driven apps or bots and want to support you with an API that can bring you the Info you want. Wether you're creating a simple User Search or a complicated Character Comparison: This API can help you building it.


Getting Access to the API

We generally use API Tokens for access control. You can create an Token yourself in the Dashboard. Using that Token inside the Authorization Header, you can make request to the API.

Bearer <API_TOKEN>

We have 2 APIs, the Closed API and the Open API, Open API is for community use mainly while the Closed API is used for Clients and Internal Projects.

We currently have only a few Endpoints on the API and are trying to make new endpoints. If you have any Feature requests please let us now: